Web of Wyrd #23 with Davyd Farrell & Emily Watt, Moxabustionist, 5 Elements Acupuncturist & Farmer

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In the latest edition of Web of Wyrd Quantum Plant Alchemist Davyd introduces a new once monthly co-host Emily Watt.

Emily is a 5-Elements Acupuncturist, Moxabustionist, Vet, Farmer and Mother of 4.

The Web of Wyrd will now become a weekly show with the fortnightly output from Davyd and Pete being interspersed with a monthly show with Emily and another new monthly show with Energy Weaver and Pilgrim Leader Sandra Corcoran Covered in this edition:

  • The strange weather patterns in Europe
  • Chemicals in the air 
  • Dandelion and sovereignty 
  • An influx of pests 
  • Inner technology 
  • The Holistic nature of plant medicine 
  • The Artemisias 
  • The Brain vs the Kidneys - Eastern Medicine perspective 
  • Language, spelling and the use of magic in our spoken words

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