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Journeys With Plant Spirits


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Biodynamic Gardening >

Biodynamic Gardening

For Health & Happiness   Biodynamics encourages a ‘mindful’ holistic approach to gardening, a rewarding pastime which enriches garden and gardener …

Geomancy >

Earth Energies 101

In this instructional workshop, the past president of the British Society of Dowsers, Dr Patrick MacManaway teaches the fundamentals of the ancient …

Herbalism >

Spring Remedies

Rejuvenate, re-energise and bounce into spring with these super-cleansing remedies made into delicious food from two of the Uk's most celebrated …

Astrology >

Your Zodiac Medicine Wheel

In this exclusive workshop with author and astrologer, John Wadsworth you will be guided around the wheel of the zodiac within the context of the …

Healing >

Bird Spirit Medicine

Discover the ancient wisdom of working with birds for healing and personal development in this exclusive 2 part workshop with Dr Karen Stead-Dexter …

Herbal Remedies >

Shamanism >

Shamanism >

Flower Essences >

Flower Essence Therapy

In this 2 part workshop, flower essence producer and practitioner, Paul Strode, will take you through his own technique for making flower essences. …

The Otherworld >

Teachings of The Otherworld

With Root-doctor, Faery Seer & Author, Orion Foxwood. In this 3 part workshop Orion will take you on a poetic and magical tour through the land of …

Plant Communication >

Plant Communication

with Plant Spirit Healer, Pam Montgomery In this exclusive 3 part online workshop, one of the world's leading plant spirit healers will guide you …

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