Winter Solstice 2021 & Spring 2022 Preview with Pam Gregory and Davyd Farrell

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Winter Solstice and Spring 2022 Preview

Astrologer Pam Gregory and Plant Shaman Davyd Farrell come together for the 4th time this year to preview the upcoming astrological and energetic movements around the Winter Solstice and beyond.

Covering the remainder of December 2021 including the Winter Solstice and on into the Spring of 2022 - they fuse the worlds of astrology and plant shamanism and healing together to provide a unique preview of what might be in store

As the world seemingly descends further into chaos - it appears that we all face huge choices about which path or future we all want for ourselves.

Huge cosmic energies are available and more are coming but how do we work with them for the maximum potential for ourselves and for the collective and Mother Earth.

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Pam Gregory


Astrology has been a passion for Pam Gregory for 40 years. She is the author of best-selling books, 'How to Co-create Using the Secret Language of the Universe' and 'You Don't Really Believe in Astrology Do you?' Her depth of astrological wisdom in her fortnightly astrological forecast has been a guiding light for many during these recent challenging times.

Pam offers free resources for both beginners and experienced astrologers on her website:

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