Trees, Woods & People

• • 60 mins

with the Woodland Trust's Kaye Brennan & Kay Haw.

It’s taken 800 years for us to acknowledge the debt we owe to trees, and to establish a new accord between us and them. Over centuries, undemanding, they have cared for and protected us – but as a society we have lost our connection, become disinterested in their value and complacent about their needs. We rage against global deforestation… but fail to notice our own. But the leaves are turning, and hope comes in the Tree Charter – which has inspired a social movement sparked from the embers of devastation and apathy, using nature’s gifts of trees to teach, house and heal us all. The Tree Charter was developed to articulate our very modern relationship with some of the planet’s oldest inhabitants. Now all we need to do is bring it to life…

In this session, learn about the charter and its development into 10 guiding principles, and (re)discover your connection to our living history.

​Kay will lead you on a guided meditation with the noble Oak.

The 4th video in the Plant Consciousness Series.

We recommend watching the videos in order, to take the journey of the programme.

Kay Haw

As a former land surveyor, Kay witnessed first-hand the loss of nature from the UK as it was consistently bulldozed and marginalised. Determined not to be a cog in the destructive machine of ‘progress’ and gaining a profound connection with the planet, she swapped sides and swore to help protect the natural world.

In her role with the Woodland Trust she strives to conserve, share knowledge, inspire and connect people more deeply to trees and woods. As editor of the Trust’s Wood Wise publication, she strives to bring expert contributors together to help convey the importance and wonder of various key conservation topics and share best practice.

Kaye Brennan

Kaye is the Lead Campaigner for the Woodland Trust and is the driving force behind the important Tree Charter. She is a seasoned rabble-rouser and community leader, Kaye has lead the Trust in defending ancient woodland and special trees for ten years. Spurred on by the conviction that the very least we can do is give trees a hug, Kaye campaigns because all trees and woods deserve our respect, support and investment - she knows we can make a real difference to the way they are valued and understood if we speak up, and stand up together.

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