Transformation Through Lucid Dreaming

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Caz Coronel of Conscious Explorers takes us through the symbiotic transformation of ourselves and our environment through lucid dreaming. This in-depth presentation from direct experience of the conscious dream also includes techniques and meditations to help you get lucid!

Lucid dreaming is the state where you are consciously awake while still in the dream and therefore can learn to direct, change and play with the dream itself. This fascinating state of consciousness can be learnt by anyone and is highly beneficial for spiritual development.

Caz Coronel

Caz Coronel is the founder of the Conscious Explorers group and the Loop Busting Therapy technique. She has been having lucid dreams and OBEs since she was a child. However many of her early experiences were clouded with great fear. In fact from ages of 16 to 32 Caz suffered from extreme bi-polar depression. Through a lot of soul searching, research and therapy she was able to completely recover. Loop Busting Therapy is an accumulation and refinement of the most effective therapies and techniques that led to her healing. 

Later in life Caz discovered that the Buddhists were using lucid dreams for their spiritual development and this opened a door to whole new worlds of explorations and lucidity. It was these incredible experiences and a hope that everyone could learn the techniques to have them that led her to start the Conscious Explorers group. Caz is a DJ and producer having played everywhere from London to New Zealand and is currently working on an album that combines conscious themes and dance music. 

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