The Voice Of The Forest

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Judy McAllister of Findhorn Foundation: My engagement with the notion of co-creation with nature has lent great richness to my life. Always a lover of trees, I have taken special delight in attuning to their devic aspects, finding that contact rewarding in its own right, and was enriched by the perspectives they offered.  In 2010 while attuning with a 1,000 year old Araucaria Tree in Brazil I had my first glimpse of a larger presence – something broader in its scope than the devic aspect of one species that I had become accustomed to.  That first connection, though short, encouraged me to engage with something beyond what I was familiar with.  In 2011 while in a small section of the almost gone Mata Atlântica, (Atlantic coastal rainforest of Brazil) I encountered that broader presence again.  This time I had a couple of days to be and to listen and so the contact deepened. Thus began a deep and powerful journey of engagement with what I came to call The Voice of the Forest.  It is that journey, and the messages of that voice I wish to share with all of you. 

This video includes nature meditations.

Watch a preview of this video here:

Judy McAllister

Judy McAllister is a Canadian who transplanted herself to Scotland in after visiting the Findhorn Foundation ( After living and working in the Foundation for 27 years, she spent nearly 5 years as a planetary gypsy before returning to base herself again in the community. Although her first and foremost passion is working with people, Judy spent a decade immersed in the administrative and leadership aspects of the Foundation. For 5 years she was the Foundation Focaliser (read MD/CEO) and was also a Foundation Trustee. She also served as a Director, and as Chairperson, of the board of New Findhorn Directions - the trading and commercial arm of the Foundation.

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