Sacred Indigenous Plants in Mexica Medicine

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Folk Healer, Tonita Gonzales - Traditional Medicine Practioners of the Southwest US, and Mexico have a sacred understanding of the spirituality of plants. Journey into the relationship with the 7 sacred plants used in MesoAmerican Medicine for Energetic, Spiritual and Physical Healing. The Rituals of MesoAmerican medicine focus on a relationship with nature to provide healing. You will learn about the indigenous science of these sacred plants, and how they are used in rituals and physical healing of mind, body and spirit. In addition you will learn the spiritual practice of collecting, and planting medicinal plants for sacred ceremonies including medicinal plants used in the Sacred MesoAmerican Temazcal (sweatlodge).

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Tonita Gonzales

Tonita has studied Traditional Medicine at the Universida Autonoma de, Morelos, at Centro de Desarollo Humano Hacia La Comunidad in New Mexico. She completed her diplomados (certifications by the department of health) in Acupuncture, Medicinal Plants, Massage (Sobadas), and Temazcal (Mexica sweatlodge). Tonita has worked side-by-side with several accomplished Curanderos through-out Mexico. She currently has her own practice Tonantzin Traditional Healing in Albuquerque, is the director of RAICES (Remembering Ancestors, Inspiring Community, Empowering Self), a collaborative of community education. She also practices in Mexico City at Temazcal Tonatiuh, and School/Clinic La Cultura Cura, in Mataxhi, Mexico (an indigenous Otomi Community). For over 8 years she has been teaching at the University of New Mexico. A compatriot of Dr Eliseo 'Cheo' Torres, Tonita also works alongside Professor Rita Navarette Perez.

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