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Food As Medicine #2

Toxic heavy metals are a poison of our time and they are having a profound effect on our health. Mercury, cadmium, aluminum, copper, lead, arsenic, …

Plant Consciousness >

Introducing Elder

In this video, plant spirit healer, Emma Farrell introduces the magical Elder tree and the powerful spirit which resides within it's soul force. She …

Health >

Our Connection To Food

How Can We Create A Deeper, More Soulful Connection To Food And Use Food As A Medicine To Navigate an Increasingly Toxic World? There is so much …

Ecofluency >

Invoking Microbes

Invoking Microbes in the Age of Covid through Ecofluency   Dr Saskia von Diest introduces Ecofluency; the science, art and magic of communicating …

Soundscape >

End of An Age

End of An Age is a soundscape & spoken word transmission by Anima Sound Medicine. Infused with prayers to uplift our frequencies and to help us …

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Four Winds

A celebration of the traditional wooden flute, the art of flute playing and to honour flute cultures around the world. Filmed on Dartmoor at the …

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Earth Wisdom >

The Illusion Of Isolation

There is a core-wound that sits in the heart of humanity and it is the single most destructive force to earth and her life. This wound is a side- …

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Indigenous Wisdom >

The Way Of The Lakota

with activist, Luke Black Elk, the Grandson of the deeply revered medicine man, Wallace Black Elk, brings nuggets of Lakota wisdom, songs passsed to …

The Woodland Trust >

Trees, Woods & People

with the Woodland Trust's Kaye Brennan & Kay Haw. It’s taken 800 years for us to acknowledge the debt we owe to trees, and to establish a new …

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