Reflexology with Alena Part 2

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Reflexology Mini Course Part 2 - Preparations for Doing Session

The most important thing is to be 100% present!

Ways of preparing the room:
• Pleasant room in your house
• Lower the lighting
• Block outside noises
• Tell other members of your household not to disturb you
• Switch off phones
• Extra warmth for your comfort (when people relax their body temperature goes down)
• Blanket to cover the receiver if they need it
• Candle for creating a special atmosphere if you like
• Relaxation music or nature sounds if desirable

Important: Make sure you are both comfortable and hydrate with plenty of water!

Giver: Sitting upright with relaxed posture, straight back, can be cross legged on a floor or sitting in
a chair. Ensure the receiver’s feet are at your waist level.

Receiver: Ensure knees, lower back and neck are always supported.

Possible settings are:
• Lying on a bed with the feet at the foot of the bed (heavily pregnant ladies not lying on their
• Sitting on a sofa with feet propped up on a stool and cushion or similar
• Ideally in a recliner (mindful if high blood pressure, head no lower than the feet, not suitable
for heavily pregnant)
You should both abstain from drinking tea, coffee or alcohol before ( and receiver after the session
too - this is important). Receiver should also avoid eating a heavy meal before the session
Ensure hands and feet are clean and have body lotion or cream close to hand
Always work both feet for balance ( the both feet together reflect the whole body )
Check for cuts, bruises and varicose veins, mention them to the receiver and avoid working over
those areas

Lastly .... Evening a great time to give a session, particularly for children as it might really improve sleep

Reflexology with Alena

Alena Standova

I have been passionate about movement, nature, plants and healing since childhood. These passions combined and wanting to explore and search for a deeper connection with the Earth led me on an adventure working on various organic farms in Europe. Eventually this journey brought me to England where I did my apprenticeship in biodynamic gardening and farming during which I met my partner Nathaniel Hughes who works as a herbalist and teacher. I have put my skills from growing into establishing a medicinal herb garden for his school and for which I am still tending.
Feet always struck me as our point of contact with the ground and having had experience of profound healing through this connection I trained in Reflexology in 2008-2009 and soon after established my practice as a holistic therapist working with Reflexology and Reiki. I have been really enjoying my work and I never stop being fascinated how often the far reaching effects those healing arts can have. I am continuing to learn as well as I have been sharing my passion for healing through the feet running Introduction to Reflexology courses. This online course came out of a strong feeling that in the times when the human connection is so precious reflexology can offer one way how to really nurture and look after the connections we have.
My webpage is and my practice is now based at St.Lukes Therapy Centre in Stroud
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