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Welcome to this 5 part course introducing reflexology where you will learn basic reflexology techniques for deep relaxation, stress release and grounding. These are simple techniques that will help you to establish a new type of connection with the people you care for through gentle, nurturing, healing touch.
This online course evolved from a strong feeling that in these times when the human connection is so precious, reflexology can offer a way to really nurture and look after the people we care for.
As our point of contact with the ground and as personal healing experiences have shown me, we can encourage and facilitate profound and nurturing healing through this connection by way of Reflexology. I trained in this beautiful art in 2008-2009 and soon after established my practice as a holistic therapist working with both Reflexology and Reiki.
I love my work and never stop being fascinated by the far reaching effects of these healing arts.

Below you can find some safety information, which can also be found as a PDF at
Precautions to using reflexology relaxation techniques explained in this course:
High blood pressure - care in positioning the receiver ( see Part 2 )
Heart problems - work gently (avoid working in severe heart condition)
Pregnant women - care with positioning the receiver ( see Part 2 ) and avoid working in the first trimester (leave to a professional)
Young children and elderly people - work extremely gently
Osteoporosis - be aware of the fragility of a person’s bones, use lighter pressure
Complex health conditions - work gently, get feedback and do a shorter session
Diabetics - be very gentle as in advanced diabetes there can be loss of sensation
Contraindications: • Person who is contagious, high fever • Under influence of stimulants, sedatives • Open wounds, recent injuries to the area • Internal bleeding, gangrene • Partial or potential thrombosis, blood clots in the arteries • Inflammation of venous and lymphatic systems • Lymphatic Cancer • Major skin problems or conditions of the feet which makes the reflexology treatment impossible • Cellulitis • Arthritis with inflammation or pain
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Alena Standova

I have been passionate about movement, nature, plants and healing since childhood. These passions combined and wanting to explore and search for a deeper connection with the Earth led me on an adventure working on various organic farms in Europe. Eventually this journey brought me to England where I did my apprenticeship in biodynamic gardening and farming during which I met my partner Nathaniel Hughes who works as a herbalist and teacher. I have put my skills from growing into establishing a medicinal herb garden for his school and for which I am still tending.
Feet always struck me as our point of contact with the ground and having had experience of profound healing through this connection I trained in Reflexology in 2008-2009 and soon after established my practice as a holistic therapist working with Reflexology and Reiki. I have been really enjoying my work and I never stop being fascinated how often the far reaching effects those healing arts can have. I am continuing to learn as well as I have been sharing my passion for healing through the feet running Introduction to Reflexology courses. This online course came out of a strong feeling that in the times when the human connection is so precious reflexology can offer one way how to really nurture and look after the connections we have.
My webpage is and my practice is now based at St.Lukes Therapy Centre in Stroud
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