Reconnecting With Our Past To Build A Better Future

25 April 2016 • English • 00:27:49

In this Introduction to Druidry talk, author Luke Eastwood outlines the basics of Druidry and how it's wisdom is just as applicable today as it was thousands of years ago. It has become abundantly clear that modern western society has taken a wrong turn that could lead to the destruction of our species and even all life. Almost everyone can see that change is deeply necessary but the question that remains for many is how? The answers to this problem start at the inner level of the heart and the soul's journey within a cosmos we are part of - something that ancient Celtic society understood. Although it was not perfect, indigenous Celtic society has many lessons it can teach us about understanding ourselves, where we fit into the world and how we can move forward into a better, fairer and sustainable future. Luke will explore how we can integrate this ancient wisdom into our lives as part of the global change of consciousness that has already begun to take root.

Luke Eastwood

Luke was born in Scotland, moving to England as a child and later USA (briefly) and Ireland
where he still lives. He developed an interest in world religions having come to question his
Roman Catholic upbringing in his late teens. An interest in Vedic and Buddhist religion,
early Christianity and pre-Christian paganism led him to Hermeticism and finally Druidry
in his early twenties. After moving to Ireland in 1999 he became involved in a Druid grove,
joined OBOD and completed the 3 grades in 2012. In 2006 he co-founded
which he continues to maintain. He also became an Archdruid of An Clann Draoidheachta Danann
(Druid Clann of Dana) in 2009. He currently facilitates a druid grove in Co. Wexford, is a Mentor
for OBOD and also teaches how to grow organic food. He has also written two books on spirituality,
published by Moon Books.

Release Date 25 April 2016
Duration 00:27:49
Language English
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