Quantum Plant Healing - Davyd Farrell with Ascended Master Zacharia and Channeled by Janet Treloar

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Quantum Plant Alchemist Davyd Farrell in dicussion with Ascended Master Zac, channeled by Janet Treloar.

In this unique discussion the future of Quantum Healthcare is brought into play with a special emphasis on how nature and the plant beings are stepping forwards now to show us how with their help we can start to prepare our mind, body and spirit for the shift to 5D, non-dual and heart centred consciousness

Under the microscope are;

  • Dandelion
  • Artemisias
  • Horsetail 
  • Mycellium and the Sacred Fungi
  • Heart Medicines including; San Pedro, Maguey and Hawthorn

In addition to talking about the plants, the discussion will also look at how we will be approaching health care & food in the Quantum New Earth.

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For more information on Davyd's work and Quantum Plant Medicine - www.quantumplanthealing.com

For more information on the upcoming Global Dandelion Immersion - https://www.quantumplanthealing.com/e...


Davyd Farrell

Davyd comes from a Celtic background with ancestry from both Cornwall and Ireland. This connection forms an essential part of the healing practice, which he runs with his wife Emma. Together they are the co-founders of the ground-breaking event in London, Plant Consciousness which today has evolved into a healer training programme, plant diet retreats to take attendees deep into the inner realms of nature, remote healings for physical and spiritual vitality, an apothecary for powerful plant medicines and WisdomHub.tv.

Davyd has studied wisdom and healing traditions for many years including Druidry, Buddhism, Celtic Shamanism and Amazonian Shamanism.

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