Plants, Devas and Landscape Elementals

21 April 2016 • English • 00:38:42

Dr Patrick MacManaway teaches how plants have a complex network of social and symbiotic relationships with the consciousness of the Spirit of Place, the supporting soil biology and the Devic community surrounding them. Residual traumas held as memory patterns in the landscape can withhold up to 30% of life energy from the growing process, and a lack of familiarity between plant and environment can compromise a plant’s ability to get it’s needs fully met. Clearing, balancing and attuning landscape energies to support optimum plant growth has shown yield increases of up to 45%, enhanced pest and disease resistance, improved flavor and extended storage capacity. Direct communication with plants can enhance digestability of pastures for grazing animals. Patrick will share case studies, insights and experiences from working with the consciousness of farm systems from the UK, US and Australia.

Release Date 21 April 2016
Duration 00:38:42
Language English
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