Plant Consciousness Video Package

How The Plants Are Guiding Us To A New Consciousness

Yew: Tree Of Eternity

Yarrow: A Miracle Of Creation

The Voice Of The Forest

Ecopsychology & Conservation Are Intrinsic To Wellbeing

Contemplating Plants: Coming To Your Senses

Plant Consciousness London - featuring plant experts from a variety of disciplines, from the perspective that plants have a sentience that we can work with for the benefit of humans and our beautiful planet.

Our disconnect from the natural world has led to the disastrous situation that we now find ourselves in on planet Earth, yet our deep feelings for nature form part of our spiritual longing. The Plant Consciousness 2016 event demonstrates in dynamic ways the intelligence of the hedgerows and fields outside of the forest, before venturing ever deeper into the Enchanted Woodland where we learn how to cultivate and nurture our own ‘Inner Forest’ and why it is essential for the development of consciousness and the well-being of the planet that we do.

We can learn so much from the inherent qualities of the plant kingdom and if we look even closer, from the intelligence that lies behind it. Bringing together the values of deep-ecology, eco-psychology, permaculture, sacred plant medicine, shamanism and herbalism you will discover a deeper understanding and a new harmony with plants and with your place in the biosphere of life on this planet.

Watch the trailer for the Plant Consciousness videos:

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