Our Most Critical Global Issues

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The World Sustainable Development Forum’s UK representative, Joe St Clair discusses the Global Sustainable Development Goals, identified by the UN as the 17 most critical problems our planet is facing, including species extinction, plastic in the oceans and climate change. WisdomHub.tv asks - Are we on schedule to meet these goals? How are scientists saying climate change is going to effect us? Who are the change-makers to move us out of an eco-destroying capitalist economy? And how can we as the people contribute to positive change?

Joe also discussed the perils of 5G and the effects it is going to have on health and society.

Joe St Clair

Joe is the UK Director of the “World Sustainability Development Forum” (WSDF-UK) which is focused on meeting the targets of the ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDG’s) and the ‘Paris Agreement’ on climate change working closely with the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and the United Nations. He regularly talks on these subjects at both local and global conferences.

He works closely with eminent philosopher, scientist and writer Ervin Laszlo and from 2014-2017 was the Managing Director of the ‘Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research’ (L-INPR) in Tuscany, Italy which brings together world experts in the fields of holistic and alternative health, consciousness, spirituality and global sustainability.  

Joe is the author of the best-selling life-coaching book ‘100 Tips for Total Life Fulfilment’ with more books to be published in 2019 including ‘The Path to Indra’ - a spiritual diary and ‘Unsustainable Planet’ which analyses and attempts to solve the world’s most critical problems including climate change, pollution, poverty, corporate corruption, deforestation and human rights. He has also published more than 3000 articles in leading magazines.

In 2016 Joe was invited to take on the role of ‘Global President’ of ‘Eternea’ the US based organisation founded by the 6th man-on-the-moon, Astronaut Edgar Mitchell and Eben Alexander (Author of New York bestseller ‘Proof of Heaven’) Eternea is an organisation focused on research into Consciousness, Immortality and World Issues.

Joe is a fully qualified Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and ‘Reiki Energy Healer’ an Entrepreneur and a ‘Spiritual Teacher’ with a deep lifelong interest in Spirituality, Consciousness, Meditation and World Issues.  

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