Our Connection To Food

• • 47 mins

How Can We Create A Deeper, More Soulful Connection To Food And Use Food As A Medicine To Navigate an Increasingly Toxic World?

There is so much misunderstanding about how to eat well and how to feed our souls at the same time as our bodies. The world has profoundly changed, and so gone are the days when we didn’t have to pay much attention to what we ate. We are more vulnerable then ever before with an explosion of increasingly aggressive strains of viruses, along with a barrage of toxins such as heavy metals, radiation, herbicides and pesticides that have resulted in an explosion of poor health and chronic conditions.  

But there are solutions to the health crisis we face and it all begins with paying more attention to what we eat. This means bringing in more of the healing foods such as fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices and wild foods, making them the focus of our diet, as well as understanding how these foods can feed the body and soul. These foods contain an intelligence, far beyond the intelligence of our minds, and we need them in order to adapt. 

Rebecca O'Reilly

Holistic Nutritionist & Naturopath

Rebecca is a holistic nutritionist, naturopath and health coach. Through her online practice, Rebecca combines her background in science and natural medicine in order to empower people to overcome chronic health problems, using food as medicine. She also teaches people how they can create a deeper, more harmonious relationship with food.

 Through her own healing journey and work with clients, Rebecca has gained a deep understanding of the body and how we can best become an expert of our own bodies to generate healing, inner peace and thriving health. 

Website: www.rebecca-oreilly.com

Email: info@rebecca-oreilly.com

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