Organic Vs Inorganic

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With Astrologer, Pam Gregory

Exploring the Astrology 0f 2021 - Uranus in Taurus

The Organic vs The Inorganic - Which will you choose in the Aquarian Age?

Join Wisdom Hub Co-Founder and Lead Interviewer Davyd Farrell as he settles down to a lively and stimulating conversation with renowned British Astrologer, Pam Gregory.
Using the filter of Uranus in Taurus which is one half of the big astrological aspect Saturn Square Uranus which is defining this epochal and transitional time, Pam introduces the key theme of Organic vs Inorganic.

Pam explains how she sees this particular aspect as a motif for evolving discussion around the use of technology in our world. Which technology should we put our attention to?
She highlights the three main areas within Taurus where that unpredictable and powerful paradigm breaking Uranus could be in effect for us; 1) Cattle, livestock, food, farming 2) The Body 3) The Earth.

This discussion covers a wide range of impulses and ideas, offering solutions and possible ways to frame or reframe this tumultuous and exciting time that we are living in so that we may all find a place for our own truth within it all.

For more information about Pam Gregory and her work - 

Pam Gregory


Astrology has been a passion for Pam Gregory for 40 years. She is the author of best-selling books, 'How to Co-create Using the Secret Language of the Universe' and 'You Don't Really Believe in Astrology Do you?' Her depth of astrological wisdom in her fortnightly astrological forecast has been a guiding light for many during these recent challenging times.

Pam offers free resources for both beginners and experienced astrologers on her website:

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