Nugget of Wisdom - Here Be Dragons

• • 12 mins

with Dr Patrick MacManaway - 

Sat on the Whimble, a summit in the Radnor Forest region of central Wales, Patrick will take you into the world of dragons and how they live and work through the landscape. He will also outline how the understanding and taming of dragons helped our ancestors survive...a vision perhaps of how we can once again live in closer harmony and co-creation with the land.

Enjoy the trip through this Nugget of Wisdom!


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Patrick MacManaway

Dr. Patrick MacManaway is a third generation healer and psychic with an international practice working with landscape from domestic and commercial to agricultural sites. Past-President of the British Society of Dowsers, he holds a degree in Medicine from the University of Edinburgh and is the author of several books and CDs including The Practical Guide to Dowsing: How to Harness the Earth's Energies for Health and Healing and Keys To Grace.

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Duration 12 mins
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