Moons & Mythos #1 With Astrologer & Mythologist Author Kelley Hunter & Plant Alchemist Davyd Farrell

Tags: Astrology

Moons & Mythos

An astrological preview of the Monthly Cycles of the Moon

In a brand new monthly show Astrologer, Author and Mythologist Kelley Hunter & Quantum Plant Alchemist Davyd Farrell preview the monthly New Moon and Full Moon energies that are coming up. Looking at the traditional astrology but with the addition of the KBO's - Kuiper Belt Objects and plant intelligence, the show will provide a guide to the upcoming energies of the month ahead.

In this first show Kelley and Davyd discuss the following;

  • New Moon in Virgo - 27th August
  • Mars in Gemini
  • Teharonhiawako and his evil twin
  • Ixion - learning from our mistakes 
  • Mercury enters Libra and opposing Manwe, the Archangel of Creation from the Tolkein mythology 
  • Orcus - the Oath Breaker 
  • Tulsi and soul contracts 
  • Full Moon in Pisces - September 10th 
  • Neptune in Pisces

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