The Magic and Healing of The Artemisias - Hosted by Davyd and Master Zac, channeled by Janet Treloar

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In this 1 hour, discussion Quantum Plant Alchemist Davyd Farrell speaks to Ascended Master Zac and who is channeled by Janet Treloar.

Ahead of the upcoming Global Artemisia Immersion Davyd and Zac outline why this particular plant family is stepping up right now to help humanity.

The conversation covers the following;

  • The nature of human shadow and how the Artemisias can illuminate that for release
  • The origin story of the Artemisias - Their gypsy-like nature and how they have integrated themselves into all corners of Human cultures, all over the world 
  • The incorruptibility of their magic -
  • How they are truly multi-dimensional and can assist in being the same -
  • Their ability to realign our physical, spiritual, and emotional bodies -
  • The connection to the Gods, particularly the Goddess Artemis -
  • How they can help us to see better into the astral planes -
  • Why they are an integral part of the shift for humanity at this time -
  • How they work and synergize with other plants especially Dandelion at this time -
  • Solar and Lunar energetic counterpoints

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For more information on the upcoming Artemisia Immersion - 13th-25th September   

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