Journeys With Plant Spirits

Tags: Plant Consciousness

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£260, incl. 10 hrs of teachings, lifetime access to the course and all materials

To book your place you will need to create an account on the booking page so that you can keep a track of your progress and access the private community forum.

This course is designed to be taken at your own pace and works around a medicine wheel, so you can jump on at any time in the year!

If you have a question about the course please email:

Emma Farrell

Plant Spirit Healer, Geomancer & Author

Emma is a Plant Spirit Healer, Geomancer and Author. She is also the co-founder of Plant Consciousness and

With her partner Davyd, Emma co-runs a Healing practiceHealer Training School, Apothecary of vibrational medicine and annual plant diet retreats to take attendees deep into the inner realms of nature for healing, awakening, embodiment and consciousness expansion.

Emma holds a Master's degree in 'The Preservation & Development Of Wisdom Culture & The Art Of Liberation' in the Buddhist Mahayana tradition, focusing on the transformation of the mind for self-liberation. She wrote her thesis on 'Understanding The Nature Of The Self Through Lucid Dreaming'. 

Emma's book 'Journeys With Plant Spirits' will be published by Inner Traditions / Bear & Co in Sept '21 - click here for US pre-orders

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