How Is Human Consciousness Evolving?

• • 75 mins

Rory Duff is a geobiologist, documentary film maker, and author of several books.  For many years he has been mapping and studying the earth energy lines which form Earth’s energetic grid.   

And things are changing….dramatically!

 Researching and understanding the ongoing changes, and the implications for humanity has led him on quite a journey of discovery, taking him into areas he couldn't begin to guess at when he began.....

 In this interview with Saira Salmon Rory explores:

·         What is happening?

·         Why is it happening?

·         What are the consequences?

·         What can we individually do to help?


Is human consciousness evolving as a result of these changes?  If so, what are the signs we are seeing around us?

With his scientific background he looks to ground all that he finds in science, at least as far as its current development takes us!  So what can the science tell us? 

But Rory is also not adverse to looking to ancient wisdom teachings and the world view of our ancestors to see if they can help us understand the areas that science is still playing catch-up with.

Ancient prophecies from many cultures speak of the changes which we are currently experiencing - and it is just beginning!  There is more, much more, to come….magnetic fields are lowering, cosmic energies are rising…

 What does this mean for our DNA?  Every one of us will be affected to some degree…

 Where you live will have a part to play in this, as will gaining control of your emotions and thoughts....

We are living in the times our ancestors foretold. They will be challenging, tumultuous - and exciting!

Rory offers some understanding of what is occurring – not to be missed!

Rory Duff

Rory Duff trained as a Geologist at London University and spent time working on the Oil rigs around Northern Europe and then three years working as a Structural Geologist on the Gold mines in Southern Africa. After a series of synchronicities, he was led to return to the UK.

Once there he pursued a career in Coaching and Training. 

For the last ten years though he has been exploring a new area of research within the field of Geobiology. Geobiology is the study of how the Earth itself affects living things and also how life affects the Earth.

His specific research is into ultra low frequency sound and electromagnetic waves and how they affect people who live on, or near, to powerful sound energy concentrations.

Rory was one of the first people who discovered that the Earth emanated spherical standing waves of sound from its centre. Concentrations of these low frequency sounds can be detected on the surface of the Earth. His research into this area enabled him to learn much more about them and their impact on living beings.

It was noted that living or working on the potentially harmful types of sound energies for long periods of time can lead to physiological and mental stress and this, over time, can lead to damage to the mind and body.

In the last two years Rory set up the Geobiological consultancy business in order to help people who live or work on affected areas.

Aside from his work as a Geobiologist, Rory likes investigating natural Earth mysteries. It was information he learnt from doing this that has led to the advances he has made in Geobiology and also how he stumbled across a connection to the Grail legend and the Universal prophecy.

His other interest is in promoting the World Harmony Trust Charity – This is a charity that he and a few of his colleagues set up to raise funds to build a spiritual learning centre at a very special site in Spain. It aims to bring people together from all faiths and beliefs.

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