Invoking Microbes

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Invoking Microbes in the Age of Covid through Ecofluency


Dr Saskia von Diest introduces Ecofluency; the science, art and magic of communicating with the rest of Nature using an expanded spectrum of senses and awareness. She describes how microbes are inevitably everywhere, are far more numerous than most of us are aware, and that this is actually a good thing, not least because they are crucial in driving our evolution.

Microbes (like bacteria, fungi, viruses, protists) are a hot topic in the world right now. Humans often treat all microbes as harmful, mainly because we’re generally only aware of them when they are causing disease. The aim of this episode is to bring the topic to the table and open up some points for more holistic thought and discussion.

She describes how microbes are our internal living ancestors and family, that they are conscious and can be communicated with and how some of them can cause disease, not as a personal attack but as messengers of the body.

Decolonization is also explored, together with the value of indigenization, through the lens and wisdom of microbes, and being ‘enmicrobed’.

Finally, she suggests how Covid and coronavirus is a messenger for humans in these times on many levels, but not necessarily in the ways we might expect. How microbes can also be a rich source of co-creative solutions to the many problems that we currently face. As with all of her work, Saskia brings it back to communication, which is fundamental to all relationships. Everything is in relationship to everything else, and humans are literally teaming with and in relationship with microbes, and therefore, potential allies… if we can remember how to co-operate with them.

So, she invites us to start communicating with the microbes around us, on us and in us, and through that to enact socio-eco-cultural repair, and find more harmony, diversity, abundance and peace in our lives and with those around us, i.e. Ecofluency.


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Main Video Chapters:

05:10  Microbes are numerous and ubiquitous (and that’s a good thing!)

12:43  Microbes are our living ancestors and family inside us

16:12  Microbes are conscious and can be messengers

35:42  Decolonization and the role of microbes in indigenization

49:35  Covid and coronavirus

58:40  Invoking the microbes as co-creators of solutions

Saskia Von Diest

Ecofluency Facilitator, Educator & Researcher

Saskia von Diest is the founder of, as well as a consultant, facilitator, educator, and researcher in Ecofluency – the science, art and magic of two-way communication with the rest of Nature, as a vital way of knowing and as a resource for harmonious relating with all life.

After completing her PhD in plant pathology in 2013, Saskia held two collaborative postdoctoral fellowships at Stellenbosch University, South Africa, and at Coventry University, UK, from 2014-2020. In her postdoctoral research, she investigated quantum-based agricultural techniques and technologies that use sound, electromagnetics, subtle catalytic substances, and intuitive abilities in farm management decision-making.

With 12 years of experience in teaching and facilitating, her passion for extending knowledge inspired her to bring various international experts to host workshops in South Africa, and to help build an international network of farmers, technical advisors and researchers for this emerging field of research.

She presents her work in various forms on numerous international platforms, and now offers Ecofluency consulting and teaching for individuals and organisations.

She is also growing an organization to promote Ecofluency practiced and researched by others worldwide, for collective healing and transformation:

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