Introduction to Kundalini Pranayama with Carolyn

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Pranayama is the practice of breath techniques and regulation used in yoga and meditation. It has extensive benefits for physical and mental health. Prana means 'life energy' and Yama means control.

Here is an introduction and practice of the some of the methods.

Carolyn Billingham

Carolyn is based in London and currently teaches online, in person and within the work place. She trained as a Kundalini Yoga teacher, Yoga Nidra teacher, a Reiki Master and in Kundalini medicine. She has also taken several 50+ hour courses in Yoga for Stress and Burnout, Mind and Meditation, and Sleep Therapy. 


Kundalini Medicine/Yoga Therapy (an 800+ hour training course) involves looking at the subtle anatomy and using the energetic models of the 10 bodies, 14 meridians, the Doshas, Tattvas, numerology, life cycles and the eight chakras to assist with any condition, whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual or psychological.


Carolyn offers a free/donation 15-minute Breakfast Club, online hourly classes, weekly sleep class yoga with Nidra, reiki, and one-to-one consultation classes. She also runs ‘Radical Wellness’, an online Facebook health and wellness group with her business partner Keri Davis.


You can contact Carolyn at


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A couple of lovely testimonials from current students ...

"Carolyn’s kundalini classes are legendary. Whether you join the Breakfast Club for 15 minutes of daily practice or her full length classes, you get the same amazing enthusiasm, in depth knowledge and joyful approach that has changed my yoga experience. Her generosity throughout the last year in turning up everyday at 8.15am with energy, laughter and interesting facts about the poses and mantras she introduces us to, has joined a whole group of us into a community that has become more than merely mat work. Kundalini yoga would not be the same without her." Annie
"I have been following Carolyn’s early morning Kundalini for some months during lockdown. She is so cheerful, and gives so much. In easy -to -follow -language, she explains the links between Kundalini yoga and astrology and how to manage energy. She is absolutely great!" Patsy
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