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Web of Wyrd Podcasts

The Web is what connects all life and even though we often can’t see how the threads are joined or even woven in the first place, we can with a …

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Promoting Biodiversity

We visited Waltham Place, one of the oldest estates in the British Isles, to learn how a biodynamic farm is promoting biodiversity and developing …

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The Consciousness of Plants

Are you, perhaps more than ever, longing to live in a deeper harmony with nature? Maybe the near-certain collapse of our economic system that we are …

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Visions of Nature

Meet the visionary artists in this exhibition and learn how they take their inspiration from nature and translate their visions through various media …

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Spirit & Matter

Stories & Teachings From The Life Of A Travelling Land Shaman with Dr Patrick MacManaway. The study and art of right relationship between people and …

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Elements & Plant Spirits

Plant Consciousness Founder, Emma Farrell, discusses how our ancestors viewed the world, how the elements and the spirit world are fundamental to …

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The Zodiac Medicine Wheel

FREE TO VIEW - Every zodiac sign contains wisdom and medicine for us all as we journey through both the year and the course of our lives. Discover …

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Barefoot & Beyond

A conversation with Welsh barefoot runner, BBC landscape gardener & journalist, Lynne Allbutt about how nature has been her healer through an …

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Bird Spirit Medicine

FREE TO VIEW INTERVIEW with one of the UK's few remaining bird whisperers, Dr Karen Stead-Dexter. Treating emotional and mental health issues in …

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Hedgerow Medicine

In this conversation with acclaimed herbalists and authors, Julie Bruton-Seal and Matthew Seal, we discuss the ease and necessity of making herbal …

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