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Visions of Nature

Meet the visionary artists in this exhibition and learn how they take their inspiration from nature and translate their visions through various media …

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Spirit & Matter

Stories & Teachings From The Life Of A Travelling Land Shaman with Dr Patrick MacManaway. The study and art of right relationship between people and …

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Elements & Plant Spirits

Plant Consciousness Founder, Emma Farrell, discusses how our ancestors viewed the world, how the elements and the spirit world are fundamental to …

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The Zodiac Medicine Wheel

FREE TO VIEW - Every zodiac sign contains wisdom and medicine for us all as we journey through both the year and the course of our lives. Discover …

Nature Consciousness >

Barefoot & Beyond

A conversation with Welsh barefoot runner, BBC landscape gardener & journalist, Lynne Allbutt about how nature has been her healer through an …

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Bird Spirit Medicine

FREE TO VIEW INTERVIEW with one of the UK's few remaining bird whisperers, Dr Karen Stead-Dexter. Treating emotional and mental health issues in …

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Hedgerow Medicine

In this conversation with acclaimed herbalists and authors, Julie Bruton-Seal and Matthew Seal, we discuss the ease and necessity of making herbal …

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Biodynamics >

Biodynamics For The Future visited the Weleda gardens, to meet the Head Gardener, Claire Hattersley and the Managing Director, Jayn Sterland, to learn about …

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Psychic Hygiene

In this interview Emma & Davyd Farrell, co-founders of Plant Consciousness and, discuss effective ways to keep your energetic system …

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