The Huachuma Sessions - #2 with Quantum Plant Alchemist Davyd Farrell & Huachumero Sergey Baranov,

Tags: Plant Medicine

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Quantum Plant Alchemist Davyd Farrell interviews Sergey Baranov, a Huachumero, originally from Ukraine but now living in Peru and running a Huachuma retreat center.

After their initial Huachuma Session, the boys return to discuss more about the world of Huachuma and healing in this second interview In this exciting and expansive talk they cover;

  • The importance of lineage within the medicine work
  • Healing stories from Huachuma work
  • How nature is the healer and how concrete isn’t. Life in the city or the country. 
  • What are the experiences one can have with Huachuma 
  • Why it's such an essential plant for these times with its heart medicine

His new book Dancing in Hell with Eyes Wide Open: How to Survive the New World Order, is now available on Amazon in both Kindle and Paperback formats. Use this link for more info on the book:

You can contact Sergey at  

Or follow him on Instagram @huachumawasi

To find out more about Davyd: and his upcoming Global Artemisia Immersion: 

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