How A Celtic Shaman Became High Chief In The South Pacific

Tags: Shamanism

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A captivating account of High Chief larueri Rawi and Celtic Shaman, David Leesley's sequence of synchronistic events that led him to be initiated as High Chief of a tribe in Vanuatu. He will also discuss how he discovered that the Celtic Sea God, Mannanan Mac Lir of his native Isle of Man is also the same deity revered by his tribe in the South Pacific. A fascinating and rare presentation that will also cover: The Forbidden Village - Itabu, His Initiation, Facing 3 initiatory deaths, the Tribal Creation myth and the protocols of tribal tattos and body markings.

This presentation was filmed in a large hall and there is a slight echo on the audio, however, we wanted to share this inspiring story with you anyway!

David Leesley

David was born on the Isle of Man, and whilst on a Trans African Expedition in 1976 had an out of body experience at Mount Nyirangongo, Zaire (Congo), which subsequently led him to be cursed by The Guardian of The Element of Sulphur, for violating sacred space, causing chronic insomnia for 30 years. In a quest to cure himself, David trained in complimentary medicine, Wicca, Druidry, Shamanism and Dowsing, amongst other disciplines. Spirit called David to Vanuatu (South Pacific) in 2003, for nine consecutive years, to be trained and initiated into The White Serpent lineage by High Chief Wai Wai Rawi of The Black Serpent lineage, eventually receiving the sacred `Belt of Majikjiki`, the God Belt, and the highest tribal Grade as a High Chief and Yeramanu (shaman/skull keeper), thus fulfilling the ancient tribal Creation Myth of reconnecting the Black and White Serpents to the original, first Royal Ancestor from the Stars, Tangarua, The Great Dragon Lord, The Black and White Serpent. David was then initiated to connect with Kassoso, the feared Dragon Men, and is only one of three living men privileged to do so. The principle male deity of Vanuatu, Majikjiki, is recognised as being one and the same as the otherworld Celtic sea god Manannan, whose home was the Isle of Man.
David is the author of two books about his experiences in Vanuatu: `Return of The White Serpent` and `Kassoso: When Myth becomes reality - both on Penwith Press.

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