Weeds As Allies In Healing Trauma

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Nathaniel Hughes of Intuitive Herbalism - Deep within our wounds hide our greatest gifts, faithfully guarded by myriad layers of protection, resistance and numbness. The weeds - vibrant wild beings of the earth, can show us the way home and light our path through the darkness of our inner worlds. The teachers are right here, if only we have eyes to see them. They can give vision, hope and warm the heart and at the same time dig deep into our being, stirring the pot of unprocessed experiences and stagnant emotions. They can be our friends, allies and gentle teachers, but can also unleash terror as they help us release redundant forms of consciousness and tether the strings of attachment. The weeds are wild and they speak to the wild within us.

In this presentation there is the opportunity to join in the immersive session with an plant or flower infusion of your choice. Nathan works with rose tea here.  

This video also contains an additional teaching about working with Rose therapeutically, which is included at the end.

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Nathaniel Hughes

Nathaniel Hughes initially trained as a Chemist and a Medical Herbalist before being drawn to follow a curious path within Herbalism. The path began with the question ‘How do we know anything to be true?’. This led him to phenomenology - the pursuit of and systematic enquiry into direct experience, and from this, the conscious development of Intuition and active engagement with the Soul that this requires. He is director of the School of Intuitive Herbalism, runs a seven year long apprenticeship programme and has published two books charting the discoveries that have emerged from this work; ‘Intuitive Herbalism’ and ‘Weeds in the Heart’.

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