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The Boreal Herbal Episode 2

Herbalist and author Beverley Gray shares a northern fall berry-picking adventure and takes you into the kitchen to make medicinal cough syrup with …

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A New Story For Humanity

Inspired by the New Story Summit at the Findhorn Foundation: a sold-out multicultural, multigenerational enquiry into a new story for humanity, …

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Jungle Prescription - Trailer

The Jungle Prescription tells of ayahuasca, a visionary Amazonian brew of indigenous origin and its encounter with the West, as played out through …

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Gringo Shamans - Trailer

In the epic struggle between ancient cultures and modern society, three shamans fight against the very tourism that keeps them alive. Spiritual …

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Little Saints - Trailer

Little Saints is a documentary following six men and women from the United States who, along with Director Oliver Quintanilla, travel to Mexico to …

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Kapitari Ayahuasca Centre

Don Lucho (Luis Culquiton) talks about his Ayahuasca center; Kapitari. The Kapitari Center was founded by the shaman Don Lucho (Luis Culquiton) in 19 …

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