Encounters With Plants - Carole Guyett

Tags: Plant Spirit Healing

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Carole went to Ireland some 25 years ago to ''co-create with Nature a place of beauty, a sanctuary where the plants would be honored.'' As a healer and medical herbalist she has a particularly special relationship with the primrose, ''a good friend'' with whom she often finds herself in a dream. Carole journeys with and inside the plants to discover their healing gifts.

Carole's firm belief is that the plants are evolving just as we and the earth are, that we should all be evolving together in harmony and symbiosis, with a two way flow of support and wisdom and that this way of living and experiencing nature is available to every one of us.



This short film was made by Jean-Louis, a French film-maker with a passion for nature.

There was a time, a few years ago, when Jean-Louis began to take a closer look at the plants in his garden, to look at them, listen to them, feel their emotions, and establish a caring relationship with them. An inner voice - was it one of plants? - then suggested to him to realize filmed portraits of people having a friendly and respectful relation with the plants, communicating with them, etc.

In this way he hoped to show that another vision of the world was possible, a less anthropocentric vision, in which non-human beings were no longer seen as only serving humans. This change of vision seemed actually to him, more than radical activism, the necessary and sufficient condition of the safeguarding of Nature, to which he has devoted himself for fifteen years as part of its foundation, "The Humane Earth Foundation"


Carole Guyett

Medical Herbalist and Plant Spirit Healer, Carole Guyett explains how our common native plants are coming forward at this point in time to help us with our conscious awakening, working in co-operation with the teacher plants. Carole explains how she works ceremonially and leads diets with our common native plants to help people reconnect deeply to nature for healing and the survival of our species.

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