Elen Sentier: Following The Deer Trods

25 April 2016 • English • 00:38:43

Native wisdom keeper of the British Isles, Elen Sentier explains how the deer trods are far more than just the physical footprints and paths that the deer follow although they are these too. The old ones, our ancestors, followed Grandmother Deer as she led them through the seasons and through life, they called her Elen of the Ways. The deer goddess, Elen, speaks to us through plants as well as the energy lines in the land. In this video Elen explains the deer trods, about how she grew up in these ways, and sharing some simple ways to begin understanding them.

Elen Sentier

Elen Sentier was born on Dartmoor and grew up on the edge of Exmoor where her father, uncles, aunts and the elders of the village introduced her to the old ways of Britain. She has followed these ways all her life.

She is an awenydd (spirit keeper) and cyfarwydd (storyteller) from a long family lineage in the British native tradition. Her mother’s mother was a witch from the Isle of Mann and her father’s family worked with Annie Besant and Rudolph Steiner. One of her uncles could call a wild falcon down to his fist or sit with an adder twined around his wrist while another would carry a ball of swarmed bees in his bare hands; they taught Elen tree, plant and animal lore. The next-door neighbour was the village midwife and healer who also did the laying out of the dead, she taught Elen herb lore, healing and lyke-lore (the ways of the dead).

Release Date 25 April 2016
Duration 00:38:43
Language English
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