Earth Energies Part 1

• • 17 mins

Dr Patrick MacManaway introduces us to the ancient art of geomancy / dowsing and how we can work with this divinatory system to explore the earth energies of landscape and buildings. Taking the ruins of a cistercian abbey in Wales as the example, Patrick explains the various levels of consciousness involved in any space and how we would start to look at and read the unseen level of the landscape.


In Part 1 of Earth Energies 101 you will also learn:
  • How to shift into landscape awareness.
  • How life-force is brought into any site or building.
  • How to analyse any given space from a multidimensional energetic perspective.

Patrick MacManaway

Dr. Patrick MacManaway is a third generation healer and psychic with an international practice working with landscape from domestic and commercial to agricultural sites. Past-President of the British Society of Dowsers, he holds a degree in Medicine from the University of Edinburgh and is the author of several books and CDs including The Practical Guide to Dowsing: How to Harness the Earth's Energies for Health and Healing and Keys To Grace.

Release Date
Duration 17 mins
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