Earth Energies 101

Earth Energies Part 1
17 mins

Earth Energies Part 2
37 mins

Earth Energies Part 3
35 mins

In this instructional workshop, the past president of the British Society of Dowsers, Dr Patrick MacManaway teaches the fundamentals of the ancient art of geomancy or dowsing. Patrick will show you how to work with the meridian lines that run through the earth and therefore through your house and garden, how to check them for geopathic stress and how to fulfill the requirements of both humans and nature for mutual health and wellbeing.


In this 3 part workshop you will learn:
  • How to move into the state of consciousness for landscape awareness.
  • How to use the L-Rods as dowsing tool.
  • How to track and read underground and overground earth energy lines.
  • How to bring health back to toxic underground water.
  • The basics of earth acupuncture.
  • The effects of earth energy lines on the human energy system and therefore human health.
  • How to ensure you have enough earth life-force flowing itno your living space.




Filming & Editing by WardyWorks

Patrick MacManaway

Dr. Patrick MacManaway is a third generation healer and psychic with an international practice working with landscape from domestic and commercial to agricultural sites. Past-President of the British Society of Dowsers, he holds a degree in Medicine from the University of Edinburgh and is the author of several books and CDs including The Practical Guide to Dowsing: How to Harness the Earth's Energies for Health and Healing and Keys To Grace.

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