Coming Home To Our Indigenous Place In Nature

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Herbalists Nikki Darrell & Alex Duffy: In the West many feel disconnected from our Land and culture, so we borrow ceremony and ritual from other places to fill this void, and there is great value in learning from our neighbours who remember their ways. However, the land we are in and the plants and beings of this place hold profound teachings for humans who enter into harmonious resonance.

We will share stories of our own journey of becoming indigenous, walking the path of the Bean and the Fear Feasa, with the plant allies who work with us along the way. This teaching will take you on an immersive journey with the mighty Oaks, who hold space for community ceremonies; Herb Robert, a wonderful teacher who while he does not suffer fools gladly is extremely loyal to the genuine seeker, and Vervain the Sovereign One, who gazes impassively and directly into our very soul, she challenges us to move towards our authenticity, deepening our perception of the feminine flow. As we do this the healthy ego emerges into its proper place of service within the community of Nature.

This video includes plant meditations with the above plants, you can either work with an essence of these plants / trees or work with the images provided in the video.

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Nikki Darrell & Alex Duffy

Nikki Darrell MBS, BSc Hons, Dip Phyto, MCPP, MIRH MIFA works as a practitioner of herbal medicine, aromatherapy, aromatic medicine and incorporates CranioSacral therapy and Sacred plant medicine into her clinical work. She attended the Sutton Bonnington campus of Nottingham University to study Horticulture and Plant Science (because she could not find anywhere to train as a herbalist!) and after graduating spent 5 years as a research scientist researching phytochemistry and plant tissue culture.

Nikki is the author of 'Consversations with Plants - Finding Ourselves in Nature - Vol 1, The Plant Medicine Path'' and Vol 2, Deepening the Path'' (Veriditas Hibernica Publishing)

Alex Duffy has always had a deep interest and spent many years engaged in independent study and experimentation with esoteric, occult, the eight fold path of Yoga, and various initiatory systems and traditions over his life. He completed a Vocational Fear Feasa Apprenticeship with Cáit Branigan, FOI. Bean Feasa. This included extensive training with thorough self-work and healing in all respects over a decade.

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