Web of Wyrd Podcast #3

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Join Paul Strode and Davyd Farrell each week for a leisurely but deep dive into the Web of Wyrd.

The Web is what connects all life and even though we often can’t see how the threads are joined or even woven in the first place, we can with a little guidance start to perceive how when we twang our little part of the web it sends ripples out through the entire web itself.
Each Sunday Paul and Davyd will bring together an eclectic mix of the weird, the wonderful, the inspiring and sometimes even the shady parts of the web that they have explored during that week.

Both of these fine young chaps are well versed in Druidry and Bardistry and draw on their love of nature and all things plant related to weave together a dialectic look at the world around them.

Sometimes philosophical, frequently cosmic but always rooted in the world of the ancestors and Mother Nature, and with tongue often firmly in cheek each and every Sunday they will take you on a guided tour of their own inner musings!

Born out of a series of personal and ongoing calls throughout the lockdown each and every Sunday - the boys share their unique view of the Web Of Wyrd.


Episode #3

This week Paul and Davyd begin their weekly foray through the Web of Wyrd by exploring their current state of being and how the effects of the current national and global situation has been effecting us all.  By exploring their own emotions they discuss ways of identifying the underlying causes of their anxieties and identifying ‘what’s theirs’ and ‘what's not theirs’!

They offer suggestions on how to work through energies and how we can all be effected by collective consciousness. As above, so below, as within, so without. The Micro and The Macro.

Paul shares his views on Xmas tree decorations and how he has come to view baubles as a way to make heartfelt prayers and why this is important not only at this time of year but ahead of the big Solstice Conjunction. Davyd wonders what St John would make of all this and as always their ramble across the web throws up all kinds of side tracks, deviations and the odd moment of humour as they try to untangle themselves from the more ’sticky’ parts of the web.

Davyd Farrell

Davyd comes from a Celtic background with ancestry from both Cornwall and Ireland. This connection forms an essential part of the healing practice, which he runs with his wife Emma. Together they are the co-founders of the ground-breaking event in London, Plant Consciousness which today has evolved into a healer training programme, plant diet retreats to take attendees deep into the inner realms of nature, remote healings for physical and spiritual vitality, an apothecary for powerful plant medicines and WisdomHub.tv.

Davyd has studied wisdom and healing traditions for many years including Druidry, Buddhism, Celtic Shamanism and Amazonian Shamanism.

Paul Strode

Paul Strode M.I.P.T.I. is a flower essence specialist and CranioSacral therapist. He started Wildflower in 1999 with the aim of bringing plant energy medicine to a wider audience as well as an increased awareness to the health giving properties of wild flowers that grow in the countryside around us.

He is studying with OBOD (Order of Bards Ovates and Druids), has completed his Bardic training and is now at the Ovate grade of study which is a link to the old knowledge of working with plants and their medicine.

Paul has developed a deeply intuitive connection with nature and through his extensive exploration and research into natural healing methods he has created Wildflower a range of English wild flower essences to aid and nurture our physical and emotional balance.

Specialising in treating children and horses, Paul uses a distinctive biofeedback mechanism found within CranioSacral therapy to blend specific wild flower essences that the body requires.

With over 20 years of clinical experience Paul brings warmth and enthusiasm to his work and enjoys helping others find their path to wellness.


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