Bird Spirit Medicine

Bird Spirit Medicine - Part 1
46 mins

Part 2 - Feather Medicine
58 mins

Discover the ancient wisdom of working with birds for healing and personal development in this exclusive 2 part workshop with Dr Karen Stead-Dexter

Karen will introduce you to 4 magnificent birds of prey and their medicine - the Barn Owl, Falcon, Harris Hawk and Kestrel.

  • Be up close with the birds to understand how they live, how they hunt and how they have evolved as masters of their environment.

  • Learn how to collect feathers, where to find them and how to identify unhealthy ones.

  • Find out about the feathers from each part of the birds and how each carries it's own medicine.

  • Learn how to honour the feathers, activate them and bind them for healing.

  • Feathers as diagnostic tools.

  • How to scan and clear toxic energies from our energy field using feathers.

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Workshop Part 1 & 2 below

Dr Karen Stead-Dexter

Karen Stead-Dexter PhD is a Medicine Woman, Teacher, Environmentalist and Bird Whisperer. Academic work and Spiritual work, for a long time, were always kept separate but for Karen something was missing. Having spent the majority of her academic career learning the damage ‘we’ have done to the planet, the need to explore ancient ways of understanding our relationship with the Earth led her in to learn more of the ways of the Shaman. Karen now has a strong understanding of ancient healing modalities, bringing in Shamanic traditions of North America, South America and Celtic Shamanism. She runs a popular clinic in Somerset & East Devon for Energy Healing, and runs regular Shamanic workshops in Energy Healing, Bird Spirit Medicine and Plant Spirit Medicine connecting people back to nature, back to who they really are and gets them to truly listen to the world around them.

She holds: a 1st class Honours degree in Environmental Science, Masters in Radiation & Environmental Protection, PhD Environmental Geochemistry, Post-Doctoral Ecotoxicology.

'following the natural way of healing'

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