Biodynamics For The Future

• • 44 mins visited the Weleda gardens, to meet the Head Gardener, Claire Hattersley and the Managing Director, Jayn Sterland, to learn about biodynamic principles for plant and medicine growing. We discovered a wealth of wisdom to support our medicine plants for a higher potency of active ingredients and how a business can be run on the same principles for health and longevity. 

Healthy plants, healthy people and sustainable business - the future is biodynamic! 


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Claire Hattersley

Claire’s first passion in life was drawing and painting, and after her Fine Art degree she spent ten years working in Museum Exhibition Design, during which time she discovered her second passion: gardening. Claire started working in the Weleda gardens over 20 years ago, becoming Garden Manager five years ago. She and her team take care of Weleda’s organic herb gardens - 13 acres of Demeter certified biodynamic land, which has evolved into more of a nature reserve with a herb garden in the middle of it. Importantly, the garden team also takes care of the production of Weleda tinctures, managing both the harvesting and the initial processing of the fresh plants that go into Weleda products. One of her favourite plants is the dandelion, explaining “Where else can you find the sun and the moon in one plant?”

Jayn Sterland

Jayn joined Weleda in 2008 as Marketing Manager, after discovering the quality of Weleda Baby products when she had her two sons. Jayn brought years of expertise in women’s fashion to Weleda, and re-energised the brand to make it more current. Appointed Commercial Director for Weleda Beauty in the UK and Ireland in 2012 and then Managing Director in 2017, Jayn regularly gives talks to the industry and to consumers about the value of authentically natural and organic cosmetic, advocating a Cleaner Beauty approach. She was recently voted no.1 in the natural beauty industry’s Top 25 for the second year running.
Jayn is a firm believer that the brand “can speak for itself” and doesn’t need superfluous gimmicks or add-ons to tell its story: “When you truly understand the ethos of Weleda, you wouldn’t use anything else.”

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