Biodynamic Gardening

1. What Is Biodynamic Gardening?

2. Planting Calendars

3. Biodynamic Preparations

4. The Wonder Of Soil

5. Biodynamic Mindfulness

For Health & Happiness


Biodynamics encourages a ‘mindful’ holistic approach to gardening, a rewarding pastime which enriches garden and gardener alike. It invites the gardener on a journey of discovery, values intuition as well as science, and fosters a special sense of wellbeing.

This beauitful mini-series will introduce you to the wonders and healing benefits of cultivating deeper connection to the vitality and life-force in your garden. Biodynamic gardening is a natural extension of organic gardening. Both share the same passion for producing delicious, chemical-free food, caring for soils, bees and wildlife, and champion biodiversity and health.

Sometimes described as ‘organic plus’, the biodynamic approach is both down to earth and spiritual. It places a greater emphasis on utilising all natural forces - tuning into Nature’s rhythms, which in turn cultivates a deepening, more harmonious connection with Nature and your garden.


Benefits: in a nutshell

• improved soil and plant health & vitality

• plants more naturally resistant to pests and diseases

• humus rich compost, teeming with beneficial microbial life

• nutrient dense fruit and vegetables that keep fresh for longer

• increased yields, quality, and flavour of home-grown produce

• more fragrant flowers and herbs

• a deeper connection with Nature and natural systems


Find out more about the Biodynamic Gardening Club UK to support your journey of discovery with your garden:


Edited by: WardyWorks

Claire Hattersley

Claire’s first passion in life was drawing and painting, and after her Fine Art degree she spent ten years working in Museum Exhibition Design, during which time she discovered her second passion: gardening. Claire started working in the Weleda gardens over 20 years ago, becoming Garden Manager five years ago. She and her team take care of Weleda’s organic herb gardens - 13 acres of Demeter certified biodynamic land, which has evolved into more of a nature reserve with a herb garden in the middle of it. Importantly, the garden team also takes care of the production of Weleda tinctures, managing both the harvesting and the initial processing of the fresh plants that go into Weleda products. One of her favourite plants is the dandelion, explaining “Where else can you find the sun and the moon in one plant?”

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