Becoming A Guardian Not A Gardener

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with Chelsea Flower show winner, Mary Reynolds.

Mary describes herself as a ‘reformed garden designer’ and takes us on a fascinating journey as she tells us how she has redefined her understanding of both our relationship to the land and how best to garden in a way which is both harmonious and sustainable as well as productive.  She will challenge your conditioned ideas about how to relate to the land and how to garden, and make you think again about many cherished shibboleths in this area.

Video from the Lost Wisdom Of the Earth telesummit. To watch the full summit, click here

Mary Reynolds

Mary Reynolds is the youngest woman to win a gold medal at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show.  She is an Irish garden and landscape designer and strives to be a good listener.  By listening carefully to her client and the land in question she undertakes the design of gardens that marry the needs and wishes of the land’s guardian with the needs and wishes of the land itself.  With her roots in natural gardening theory, Mary seeks to create spaces that are healing, truthful and magical.

Famous for her wild garden at Kew Royal Botanical Gardens in London her life has been the inspiration for the film ‘Dare to Be Wild’.

Her new approach to garden design is captured in the book ‘The Garden Awakening’ and is a step by step instruction manual drawing on ancient methods of working with the land and using them to invite the power and energy of nature back into your life and surround your house and life in its life-giving healing embrace.

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