Aries Equinox 2022 And beyond - A preview with Plant Shaman Davyd Farrell and Astrologer Pam Gregory

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Aries Equinox 2022 And beyond - A preview 

Plant Shaman Davyd Farrell and Astrologer Pam Gregory join forces once again to preview the upcoming astrological movements around the powerful Aries Equinox.

With the astrological transits heating up with one massive life changing transit after another - Davyd and Pam discuss the ebb and flow of the planets and offer advice on how to ride the big waves that are hitting us all.

Combining Astrology and Plant Shamanism they both offer insights and solutions to help us find the right path for us.

As we race towards the big Neptune-Jupiter conjunction in Pisces in early April - we have a number of big movements to deal with before then in the coming weeks. The strong Piscean energy coupled with  Mars conjunct Saturn suggests that we are at a major turning point in human evolution with two very clear pathways now opening up.

How do we find our own inner truth when being confronted with so many startling and seemingly contradictory external narratives to keep us distracted? 

This is a time for complete trust and surrender to higher forces to guide us all to a place of deep remembrance of ourselves and in doing so remember our own sovereignty.

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Davyd Farrell

Davyd comes from a Celtic background with ancestry from both Cornwall and Ireland. This connection forms an essential part of the healing practice, which he runs with his wife Emma. Together they are the co-founders of the ground-breaking event in London, Plant Consciousness which today has evolved into a healer training programme, plant diet retreats to take attendees deep into the inner realms of nature, remote healings for physical and spiritual vitality, an apothecary for powerful plant medicines and

Davyd has studied wisdom and healing traditions for many years including Druidry, Buddhism, Celtic Shamanism and Amazonian Shamanism.

Pam Gregory


Astrology has been a passion for Pam Gregory for 40 years. She is the author of best-selling books, 'How to Co-create Using the Secret Language of the Universe' and 'You Don't Really Believe in Astrology Do you?' Her depth of astrological wisdom in her fortnightly astrological forecast has been a guiding light for many during these recent challenging times.

Pam offers free resources for both beginners and experienced astrologers on her website:

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