Appalachian Folk Magic

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Interview with traditional witch, conjure-man and faery seer, Orion Foxwood. In this interview Orion speaks to us from his home in Virginia and shares his background and understandings of Appalachian Folk Magic, the Otherworld and the need for reconnection to the land to save ourselves from over-specialisation and the brink of extinction. 

Orion also discusses his upcoming workshop at the Shmanic Lands event in Wales this May. For more information:

Orion Foxwood

Orion Foxwood is the author of “The Faery Teachings” (RJ Stewart Books), “The Tree of Enchantment” , “The Candle and the Crossroads” and "The Flame in the Cauldron" (Weiser Books). He was born with the veil (the second sight) in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, where he was first exposed to faith-healing, root-doctoring, faery lore and second-sight practices of southern and Appalachian culture; and has continued learning and teaching these spirit-doctoring practices in workshops, intensives and lectures. Orion is the founder, and primary teacher, of the House of Brigh Faery Seership Institute, a multi-year teaching program in the "Tree of Enchantment" Seership lore, practices, traditions and skills .

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