The Great Song Of Celtic Shamanism

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Celtic Shaman, John Cantwell presents An Amhran Mor, where it all began and where it all begins now and forever. Translating as “The Great Song” (and pronounced “On-Ow-rawn-More”), it is the first learning of the Irish shaman. More than simply a lesson, it is an experience, a witnessing and a participation with An Spiorad, The Great Spirit, in the making of all creation. In the Irish tradition, everything we see as part of creation originated and originates from An Amhran Mor. The Great Song is the making of you as it is the making of The Milky Way, the birdsong and the wetness of the rain. Taking the quest to be moved in all your senses by the vibration of An Amhran Mor is to be Spiritualised wildly. It is a blessing that makes real and visceral, that you and the world are one. Through the vast weavings of Ancestral voices, mythology, folk medicine and immrama of the Irish shamanic tradition, John sees the singular, ever present thread of An Amhran Mor as the sweet invitation to us, to come home to ourselves and simultaneously come home to the world. When we do, we move from onlooker to indigenous and from created to creator. Irish myth portrays this transformation in the human as the birthright of all.

Photo: John Cantwell by Cara Mia

John Cantwell

John Cantwell is a 52 year old Dubliner from a family of healers. He is co-founder and director of Slí An Chroí Shamanism alongside his wife Karen Ward. Slí An Chroí translates as “path or way of the heart”, the folk words that in Ireland describe the healing shamanic ethos. His place is Ireland and his place is in the Heart, both in the seen and unseen worlds. Parallel with speaking, teaching, ceremony and ritual engagements, healing and writing, his dedication and calling also asks for remembrance and honouring of Ancestral heritage and lineage. To the academic he is framed by pre Celtic and Celtic traditions, as a Spiritual activist he draws from a primal, deep indigenous belonging. He carries the strongest advocacy that our humanity can only be truly known and blessed when we live in such deep harmony with Nature, that we once again become Nature.

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