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In this interview, Plant Consciousness' Davyd Farrell speaks to Eastern Arts Expert and Meditator, Ram Chatlani about understanding the nature of our perceptions, how to interpret what we receive from plants and why our Western mindset is limiting our experiences in nature.

Ram will be part of the Plant Consciousness London 2018 team alongside a global gathering of plant experts, teachers, healers and hundreds of plant lovers, immersed in the conscious intelligence of plants for the whole weekend!
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Ram Chatlani

Born of Indian and Armenian heritage, Ram has trained extensively in many styles of Yoga since the age of 8 and thereafter practiced and studied Raja Yoga, Theravada, Dzogchen, Zen, Tao meditation, Tai chi, ba gua and qigong. He has taught elite martial artists ba gua [eight trigrams circle walking] as well as qigong and pranayama and spent the last 20 years running retreats and workshops of up to three weeks duration in all the above subjects. Wrote and moderated a six year training course “the hundred days” with worldwide participants between 2006-2012. He currently lives in a forest in the foothills of the Pyrenees.

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