For just £5 or $7USD* a month you can gain access to ALL of the content on the Wisdom Hub. This includes brand new tutorial workshop content uploaded new every month as well as talks and teachings from world famous events like Plant Consciousness and The Shamanic lands.
There are also new interviews and films uploaded regularly and in the coming months we have a selection of new programmes and series looking at the major themes of this site; Earth Lore, Plant Intelligence and Indigenous wisdom and healing practices.
By registering here you can sign up to a direct debit that will automatically deduct the monthly fee each month. This can be cancelled at any point with no terms and conditions attached.
Through each subscriber paying this small monthly amount you are becoming part of a global community that is helping to fund the filming of precious teachings and wisdom that can then be accessed by the whole community any time they want from anywhere in the world. The content on this site will only grow and as it does it will create an invaluable online library and teaching resource. We look forward to welcoming you to the future of green television!


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