Singer, Shaman, Sage

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Philip Carr-Gomm, the Chief of The Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids will present Druidry as a spiritual practice that speaks to three of our greatest yearnings: to be fully creative in our lives, to commune deeply with the world of Nature, and to gain access to a source of profound wisdom. In Druidry, Bardic teachings help to nurture the singer, the artist or storyteller within us, the creative self; Ovate teachings help to foster the shaman, the lover of Nature, the healer within us; while the Druid teachings help to develop our inner wisdom, the sage who dwells within each of us. Together we will explore how Druidry can help us develop these three aspects of ourselves!

Philip Carr-Gomm

Philip Carr-Gomm is a writer and psychologist, and leader of the Order of Bards Ovates & Druids. He has a degree in psychology from University College London, and trained in psychotherapy for adults at The Institute of Psychosynthesis, and in play therapy for children with Dr Rachel Pinney. He combines his role in the Order with writing, and giving talks and workshops worldwide. He is the author or co-author of over a dozen books on spirituality, including The Druid Plant Oracle, which explores the psychological and spiritual healing potential of indigenous British plants.

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