From The Wild Horse Hills To The Edge Of Ice

• English • 01:17:44

Carolyn Hillyer, wise-woman and pony herder of Dartmoor will lead us on a journey of discovery, a stirring together of words, stories, songs, simple prayer ritual that carries us from the ancient landscape of our bronze age ancestor people along the reindeer roads to the tundra landscape of our primordial ancestor people; weaving in, along the way, stories of the Nenets tribe with who we have been working, climate change issues, how we all connect through our mutual recognition of sacred land and the honouring of bones.

Carolyn Hillyer

CAROLYN HILLYER has recorded ten solo albums and worked on many others. Her early albums, including House of the Weavers and Grandmother Turtle, still occupy an influential place within women’s sacred music, and more recent recordings such as Ice: The Cold Songs, Drum Songs from the Heathen Hillsand The Cave of Elders define the essence and edges of her unusual perspective on a mystical and mythological terrain. Her paintings of life-size archetypal spirit women are exhibited as sacred shrine installations, braided together with her songs and totemic hand-crafted items. For over 20 years she has been teaching a series of powerful workshop journeys for women that weave together song and chant, ritual drum, rites of passage, intuitive ceremony, ancient initiations, mythological wisdom stories and direct interaction with wild land. Her book Sacred House: Where Women Weave Words into the Earth forms the bones, blood and belly around which many of her workshops are created. She is founder of Thirteen Moons, the international women’s festival on Dartmoor.

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